Elect Keith Barth for Sheriff

Santa Cruz County

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Meet Keith Barth

Learn about Keith Barth – his experience as a law enforcement officer and as a judge, why he is running for Sheriff, and his devotion to family and community.

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Why Vote for Keith? What Does He Stand For?

Keith’s Approach to Law Enforcement

Read about Keith’s commitment to community policing, his intent to focus on serious crimes including domestic violence and sexual assault, and his plan to build partnerships with other law enforcement agencies.

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Law Enforcement in a Border County

Santa Cruz County is on the front lines of border issues involving drug smuggling, human trafficking, sex trafficking, and illegal migration. Read about Keith’s position on the role of the Sheriff’s Office regarding border issues and his call for a multi-agency task force to effectively and appropriately enforce the law.

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Managing the Sheriff’s Office

What kind of leader and manager will Keith be as Sheriff? The Sheriff’s Office has over 100 employees and is responsible for close to $12 million of budgeted expenditures. Keith’s leadership will be team-oriented and inclusive. He has ideas for operational improvements and will tackle the financial burden on the County budget created by building a jail that is twice as large as was needed.

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