Keith’s Endorsements

  • Alyssa Cordova – widow of Nogales Police Officer Jesus Cordova
  • Beth Castro, The Castro Foundation
  • Ron Barber, former Congressman
  • Dick Boykin, former Pima County Sheriff
  • John Pintek, former Cochise County Sheriff
  • Mary Helen Maley, Santa Cruz County Justice of the Peace – retired
  • David Morales, Cochise County Justice of the Peace – retired
  • Herb Wisdom – former Nogales Chief of Police, owner of Wisdom’s Cafe
  • Andrea Wood – Mayor of Patagonia
  • Judy Neal – former School Superintendent, Sonoita School District
  • Pete Hermansen – Chief Agent Tucson Sector Border Patrol – retired
  • Mark Denny – former Cochise County Sheriff’s Dept., currently Chief of Police, City of La Center
  • Ike Issacson, former Mayor of Patagonia
  • Terry Woodhouse – former Mayor of Patagonia
  • Billy Cloud, former DPS, Marshal of Patagonia, and Marshal of Tombstone
  • Lynn Sharp, Sergeant Tucson Police Department – retired
  • Olga Ramirez – Detective Tucson Police Department – retired
  • Tom Cleary, formerly with the Sierra Vista Police Dept,.  currently with Scottsdale Police Dept.
  • Brian Levitt, Captain, New York Police Department – retired
  • David Kroger, CIA – retired
  • Tom Willis, Cochise County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Commander - retired
  • Jim Maloney, former Fire Chief, Sonoita-Elgin Fire Department
  • General Wess Chambers, U. S. Army - retired
  • Sal Baragiola Deputy Chief, Albuquerque Police Department
  • Benjamin Reyna, Bisbee Chief of Police - retired
  • Norman K. Bradley, Former Cochise County Undersheriff
  • Tom McCall, U. S. Border Patrol – retired
  • Dennis P. Scanlan, Owner, Santa Cruz County Security Service (
  • Deborah and Fred Fellows, Artists and Ranchers
  • George Whitmill and Kat Crocket, Business Owners
  • Charles Doolittle, Chief Information Officer, City of Colorado Springs - retired
  • Michael Wright, Pastor, Sonoita AZ

Endorsement Comments from Law Enforcement Colleagues and Others

John F. Pintek, Former Cochise County Sheriff
“I endorse Keith Barth for Sheriff of Santa Cruz County.  Keith was a Deputy Sheriff during my tenure and did an excellent job for Cochise County.  He interacted well with people and was well regarded by his peers.  Keith would be a great asset to Santa Cruz County.”

Dick Boykin, Former Pima County Sheriff
“Keith has strong support in the law enforcement community.  He is an experienced cop and will do a great job as Santa Cruz County Sheriff.”

Lieutenant Gary M. Steffen (retired) Cochise County Sheriff’s Department
“I met Keith in the early 1980’s when I was the Patagonia Town Marshall and worked closely with him when he was a Cochise County Deputy Sheriff. Keith has a strong work ethic, compassion, and a great sense of humor, all of which are to succeed in the field of public safety.  He has excellent problem-solving skills and he values teamwork. I can say with conviction that I have never worked with anyone as trustworthy as Keith Barth.”

Marc Denney, Chief of Police, City of La Center, WA
“I have known Keith Barth for over 30 years and previously worked with him as a Cochise County Sheriff’s Deputy. I have always respected and admired Keith for his abilities as a law enforcement professional and his dedication to service. Keith will empower the workforce as Santa Cruz County Sheriff and bring renewed energy and commitment to serving the public”.

Sergeant Lynn E. Sharp (Retired), Tucson Police Department
“While I was assigned as the Basic Training Supervisor at the Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Center (SALETC), Cochise County Deputy Keith Barth served as a Class Counselor for one of my recruit classes. Upon meeting Keith, I was very impressed with his professionalism and knowledge regarding the law enforcement profession.  We remained in contact for the rest of his career. As a Sergeant in Cochise County and as a Justice Court Judge, his insight and knowledge has been of great value to me.”

Alyssa Cordova, widow of slain Nogales Police Officer Chuy Cordova
“I strongly support Keith for Sheriff and I know that my late husband Chuy would too. They were good friends who shared a commitment to public safety.”

Andrea Wood, Patagonia Town Mayor
“I endorse the Honorable Keith Barth for the position of Santa Cruz County Sheriff.  I have known Keith for many years. I have seen his dedication to fair and equitable decisions and his commitment to the Rule of Law practiced with truth and integrity. Keith is familiar with rural communities and the challenges that occur with the protection of all citizens that may reside within the rural boundaries of our County.”

Olga Ramirez
“I have known Keith Barth for over 20 years during my time as a Tucson Police Department detective.  We worked together as class counselors at the Tucson Police Academy.  I describe my friendship and deep brotherhood with Keith Barth as once in a lifetime, as real and true. Keith Barth is real and true not only to his friends and acquaintances, but to all people he encounters in his official capacity.  I endorse Keith Barth for Santa Cruz County Sheriff, having full confidence he will provide a high level of service, respect and trust to all Santa Cruz County constituents.”

Peter Hermansen, U.S. Border Patrol (retired)
“As a senior manager in the Border Patrol in southern Arizona, I had the pleasure of working with Keith Barth when he was a deputy sheriff in Cochise County.  We fought the drug cartels and immigrant smugglers side-by-side.  His dedication to law enforcement and safeguarding our communities is paramount to everything else in his life.  He is truly a dedicated professional servant.”

Dennis P. Scanlan, Owner, Santa Cruz County Security Service

“As a former law enforcement officer In California and as an owner of a private security service in Santa Cruz County for almost 20 years, I have had the pleasure of knowing Keith Barth on both a personal and professional level. His ethics and integrity are beyond reproach. Attention to detail, listening, and acting in the best interest of those he serves are hallmarks of a great leader. Keith Barth is the only choice for your Sheriff.”

Tom McCall, U. S. Border Patrol – retired

"Keith Barth has a wealth of knowledge and experience from his 30-plus years of public service. He has served with dignity, honor and integrity. With his devotion to service and community, I am confident he will bring honor and pride to the Santa Cruz Sheriff's Office."

Norman K. Bradley, Former Cochise County Undersheriff

"Throughout my 45 years of public service in law enforcement, I have been honored to serve with some of the finest men and Women ever entrusted with the awesome responsibility that service entails. I first met Keith in the mid 1990's when Keith was a Patrol Sergeant and member of the SWAT Team. My first impression of this fine young Deputy was to remain unchanged throughout his employment with the Cochise County Sheriff's Office. Keith was an OUTSTANDING officer who served the citizens of that County in a caring, thoughtful, and courteous manner.  It is a high honor and a great privilege to be one of the many to endorse Judge Barth for the position of Santa Cruz County Sheriff."

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